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To provide a safe, secure and trusted way to empower kids and teens online, without compromising the experience or their rights.

Instant access for all

We integrate with any platform or service worldwide, handling onboarding, authentication, and user management.

Manage global compliance

We automate notices and consents for updates and new features, country-specific requirements, parent requests, and reporting.

Seamless developer tools

We have self-service onboarding, one-click API integration, and a foundational infrastructure that is designed for building even more.


Empower Communities

We feel strongly that every child — no matter location, language, creed or colour — should have the opportunity to navigate the online world safely. That's why we've invested in developing authentication tools that enable everyone, regardless of location, device or ability, to use our technology.

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For Tomorrow

It's not just about today. The k-ID architecture supports a raft of emerging technologies: from intelligent permissioning that recognises that age is just a number, to tokenised trust wallets that empower teens in new worlds.

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Respecting Rights

How do we ensure the kids of today have the knowledge and skill to navigate the online world of tomorrow? It isn't by limiting what they can do — it's about empowering them with the tools, tenacity and transparency to know what they can.

For building better worlds.